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Venture Capital - nurturing young companies!

We invest in emerging technology start-up companies and contribute to Siemens´ innovation strategy.

At Siemens Venture Capital we have two primary goals. First, we seek leading edge techno-logies and systems that make Siemens and its customers more competitive by expanding and improving the products and services that Siemens offers. Second, we invest in companies that have the most potential to realize sustainable profitability and success – through a trade sale or IPO.

Innovation is our lifeblood at Siemens. SVC feeds into the global network of innovations by bringing new technologies to Siemens´ businesses as a complementary component to Sie-mens´ inhouse research and development activities (3.9 billion Euros in fiscal 2009). We benefit both Siemens and the companies that receive funding and support. Our typical investment per financing round is between 2 and 5 Million Euros.

Support to entrepreneurs means more than investing capital:

  • We leverage Siemens´ global strength to expand into new regions, initiate development partnerships, integrate third-party products into our sales channels (OEM) and conclude marketing partnerships

  • We offer management capacities, as well as recruitment assistance, and help secure new investors for follow-up financing

We invest in companies that

  • have a sustainable advantage in an attractive market

  • have technology that has been proven in the field

  • have referenceable customers

  • have the desire to scale their businesses

We are less focused on a specific revenue number; but more interested in market traction, leadership, momentum and potential market opportunity.