Insurance Solutions

We support Siemens and selected third-party companies as a competent partner for all aspects relating to the management of insurable risks, including their transfer to the insurance and financial markets.

We provide individual risk management consulting services and tailor-made insurance solutions to our clients, which have proven their worth on many occasions both inside and outside Siemens.

Our portfolio includes, among others aspects:

  • Qualified risk analyses and risk evaluation conducted by in-house specialists

  • Professional risk-management consulting services provided by recognized experts with the goal of avoiding or minimizing losses

  • Review and optimization of existing insurance contracts and solutions

  • Broking, placement and implementation of global industrial insurance solutions, especially in the areas of commercial general liability, property and business interruption, construction and erection all risks, transport, motor vehicle fleet and financial lines

  • Analysis of project risks, competent risk consulting and structuring of risk transfers

  • Project-specific insurance solutions from execution to the end of the contractual obligation, including service activities

  • Continuous monitoring of implemented insurance solutions and alignment with any changed parameters

  • Management of Siemens’ corporate self-insured retentions

  • Brokering, placement and implementation of company-financed insurance solutions for employees

  • Management and coordination of global insurance support in close cooperation with proven service provider networks

  • Active coordination and support in claims management through internal and external insurance solutions, including the selection and appointment of experts

  • Advice and support within Siemens for insurance issues during M&A activities

What sets us apart:

  • Comprehensive advice and consulting relating to industrial company insurance risks

  • Systematic collection, assessment and controlling of risks

  • Development and rollout of innovative loss-prevention programs

  • Extensive industry experience combined with insurance expertise as a broker for Siemens

  • Tailor-made and proven risk-transfer solutions for Siemens and its customers

  • Worldwide support, including access to international service-provider networks

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