Dr. Ralf Schnell

Dr. Ralf  Schnell

Chief Executive Officer

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München 81739

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Dr. Ralf  Schnell

Before joining Siemens Venture Capital as Chief Executive Officer, Ralf Schnell has built up Infineon Technologies corporate venture capital activities since 1998 and was managing director of Infineon Ventures GmbH.

Prior to joining Infineon Technologies in 1998, Ralf worked with Siemens AG for 11 years. In his last position he was responsible for a corporate venture nurturing program and coordinated a Siemens-wide innovation initiative.

Before that he held various positions in microelectronics and software development in the corporate division research and technology as well as in the corporate department corporate technology.

He obtained his diploma degree in physics from the Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich and his PhD degree in physics with research work in semiconductor surface physics at the synchrotron radiation laboratories in Hamburg and Berlin.

February 2009

Dr. Ralf Schnell 

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