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Adarza Biosystems

Adarza Biosystems is a leader in multiplexed label free molecular detection. The company can place 100’s of detection antibodies on a single silicon chip and because there is no label, interference among the detected molecules is negligible. The system has several logs of dynamic range along with picomolar sensitivity. The low cost technology has a myriad of applications including immune status profiles, drug development, and clinical diagnostics. The system is very durable as the reading instrument has no moving parts. To learn more please visit


AventuraHQ has developed a breakthrough application in virtualization of the desktop. By keeping the desktop session on the server the roving healthcare worker can access their desktop in less than two seconds at workstations around the hospital. Not only is the sign-in process faster and worker efficiency elevated, but also HIPPA compliance improves as well. The company has over 20 hospitals with thousands of workers using the technology every day.

Seventh Sense Biosystems

Seventh Sense Biosystems, Inc. (7SBio) is the pioneering developer of virtually painless blood collection and diagnostic platforms. Its products are based on the company's proprietary Touch Activated Phlebotomy (TAP™) painless blood collection platform, with an initial focus on enabling important diagnostic testing at the point of care by reducing the discomfort, anxiety and hassle of blood sample collection that can inhibit and sometimes prevent patients from undergoing blood tests and receiving appropriate care. 7sBio is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts



USARAD Holdings, Inc. is a global telemedicine company consisting of two operating divisions. USARAD is a teleradiology services provider offering services in 50 states in the USA and 10 countries. provides medical opinions to individuals, insurance companies, corporations, and medical centers of excellence in 60 countries.


ViewRay is in the process of developing an MRI-guided radiotherapy system. With the soft tissue contrast of Magnetic Resonance Imaging on a real-time basis, the system is designed so that clinicians can see tumors as they are delivering radiotherapy for cancer treatment. The unique technology should eliminate the guess-work in radiotherapy caused by organ movement. The system is awaiting FDA approval.