Growth Capital

We accelerate growth of established companies in the Industry, Energy and Healthcare markets and fund their expansion plans.

Growth Capital targets the needs of small to medium-sized companies with investments of 10-30 million Euros. The financing is typically used for capacity extensions, working capital expan-sion, acquisitions or IPO preparation. We are engaging in companies that grow fast, have rea-ched profitability and operate in markets where Siemens can contribute considerable industry expertise.

The Siemens Growth Capital approach is unique in three respects:

  • Complete financial packages are available that are optimized towards the needs of the in-dividual funding situation: minority equity, syndications, partial liquidity, mezzanine capital, sales financing

  • Strategic value is generated by leveraging Siemens strengths: Siemens brand, Industry know-how, top level relations, joint R&D and marketing, access to global sales channels

  • We add a truly international perspective based on available resources and relations world-wide: Siemens presence in 190 countries, SVC presence in the United States, Europe & Asia