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Welcome to the Supply Chain Finance (SCF) Program

The SCF Program makes use of a technology platform that links Siemens and its suppliers & sub-contractors with a third party financier (Orbian) to provide cost-effective receivables financing to those suppliers & sub-contractors. The Siemens North America Supply Chain Finance program is available to suppliers providing goods and/or services to Siemens with a minimum annual value of $50,000.

To learn more about the program details, contact the SCF team or browse the educational material on this page which covers many different aspects of the SCF Program.

For the enrollment paperwork, please visit:

Enrollment Code: US: Siemens2123 Mexico: Siemens2124 Canada: Siemens2140
Germany: Siemens2129

Please note: Orbian is not an affiliate of or owned by Siemens.

A successful SCF Program is based on the collaboration between multiple stakeholders as displayed in the below diagram:

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