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Working Capital Solutions

Working capital finance solutions from Siemens are designed to help you manage your business’ cash flow, giving you greater financial flexibility to provide for ongoing operational needs as well as grow your organization.

Across the United States, our working capital solutions have helped finance the day-to-day operations of our customers. Our working capital solutions include revolving lines of credit, term loans and trade finance facilities. Transaction sizes are typically from $25 million to $500 million.

Asset Based Lending

Asset based lending (ABL) is a specialized loan product that provides fully collateralized revolving credit facilities to borrowers with high financial leverage and marginal cash flows. These loans are based upon the assets pledged as collateral and are structured to provide a flexible source of working capital.


Revolving Lines of Credit

Siemens Financial Services offers lines of credit to free up working capital for your business. The credit that we extend to you is usually tied to the accounts receivable and inventories that you pledge as collateral, so as these assets increase, so does your ability to borrow money and finance growth. We'll be able to quickly determine advance rates on accounts receivable and inventory after considering factors like:

  • Collection history

  • Liquidation values of the assets

  • Comfort with management

  • General creditworthiness

Secured Term Loans

We can offer a financing package customized to the needs of your business. As part of this package, term loans can help you to refinance long-term assets or finance capital expenditures. Term loans are mainly structured as part of a total financing package that would include a line of credit.

  • Term loans based on machinery and equipment

  • Term loans based on real estate

  • Long-term amortization (depending on the asset pledged as collateral)

Trade Finance

Trade finance is an alternate way of raising funds. The financing of trade assets involves Siemens buying accounts receivable or funding trade payables under a commercial contract maintaining recourse to the account debtor. Benefits of using a trade finance solution include a stronger balance sheet structure and better management of assets. Trade finance is a relatively simple process to administer and operate.

Contact our sales experts to learn more about trade finance.

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