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Vendor financing solutions from Siemens can help increase your business’ sales. Your customers are looking for companies that not only provide the best product solution, but can also help them address other potential issues which may be affecting their buying decision. For example, customers may have:

  • Limited available cash

  • A desire to match revenue generation with the cost of acquiring the new product

  • Problems accessing credit though traditional lending sources

  • Limited capital budget

One way to address these types of customer issues is to  provide customers with more than a cash-based approach to buying your product. This is where the power of having a vendor finance program will pay huge dividends.

We can tailor a vendor finance program that meets both your needs and those of your customers. We bring vendor financing expertise to a whole new level by offering customized equipment financing and leasing programs for manufacturers, distributors and product resellers across a variety of industries.

Offering an integrated vendor financing option as part of  your go-to-market strategy will provide your sales team with a significant competitive advantage and make it easier for your  customers to say “yes” to their purchases.

Target markets:

Our target markets for a vendor finance relationship are focused on manufacturers, distributors, dealers, brokers of the following types of equipment:

  • Healthcare Equipment

  • Machine Tools

  • Construction Equipment

  • Mining Equipment

  • Plastic Molding Equipment

  • Material Handling

  • Turbines

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