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Project & Structured Finance

Our structured financing solutions combine in-depth industry know-how and financial expertise

The spectrum of our solutions ranges from senior secured corporate loans and structured investment financing (e.g., leases and loans) to infrastructure and project financing. In addition, our portfolio includes acquisition and growth financing, typically as syndicated loans.

Our structured finance solutions are tailored to the individual needs of our customers in both the public and private, and help customers enhance their competitiveness and exploit growth opportunities. Our operations are global, and cover healthcare, energy and industrial markets.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Our ability to structure, underwrite and hold positions

  • A wide range of loan and leasing solutions with a mix of debt and equity

  • Access to leading financial institutions as a syndication partner

  • Our flexibility, reliability and industry expertise

Senior Secured Loans

SFS supports private equity and corporate clients' needs and strategic goals through senior secured loans that are tailored through all business cycles. We have the flexibility to lead, arrange and participate, and offer significant syndication capabilities.

Financing Needs:

  • Corporate and project

  • Mergers and acquisitions / leveraged buyouts

  • Re-financings and recapitalizations

  • Expansion and growth capital


  • Revolver

  • Term loan A & B

  • Tax Equity

The benefits of working with Siemens is we have the strength to structure, underwrite and hold significant positions. We offer both floating and fixed rate options, and are capable of a broad range of transaction sizes.

Junior Capital Solutions

SFS tailors junior capital financing directly for clients, and through financial intermediaries, in the energy, healthcare and industrial industries. Our broad suite of integrated financial solutions includes the ability to provide secured first and second lien financing, as well as mezzanine and equity capital.

Financing Needs:

  • Corporate, project and acquisition

  • Initial financings or recapitalizations

  • Single asset or portfolio credits

  • Buyouts & Growth capital


  • Subordinated loans

  • Holdco loans

  • Mezzanine debt

  • Preferred/Common equity

The benefits of partnering with Siemens, include: the potential reduction of equity required in an acquisition or recapitalization, more flexibility in covenante packages than senior debt, less expensive than traditional equity capital and offerings in the form of a bridge facility.

Corporate & Leveraged Finance

With a deep understanding of leveraged lending, principally to the middle market, we offer financing solutions for leveraged buyouts, acquisitions, expansion capital, refinancing, mergers and recapitalizations.

For more information on our corporate and leveraged finance offerings, visit our leveraged finance product page here.

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