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Successful Equity Investment in Industrial Projects

Siemens has an extensive track record in equity financing, leveraging Siemens’ 160 years of industry expertise in our core markets to originate, structure and execute successful investments.

In the United States, our equity investment activities focus on a variety of industries, including: energy, healthcare, industry and infrastructure & cities sectors. We have equity participations in projects such as power plants, transportation infrastructure projects (airports and railroad projects) and medical technology projects.

Through our equity financing, we enable projects that promise an appropriate return for Siemens and our co-investors in terms of the project's risk profile. Project risk profiles are determined by market risks and project specifics, such as construction and operating risks.

We typically reserve equity capital to focus on projects that directly utilize Siemens equipment and services and generally take a minority interest in a project, investing at financial close of project construction.

Successful Project Participation through Equity Financing

Making a solid investment

Siemens bases its investment decisions on a comprehensive risk assessment to judge whether the business plan is robust and feasible.  Having established the viability of a project, we will then devise efficient structural and financing solutions, drawing on our thorough understanding of the respective markets.

A sound financing strategy

Siemens pursues the strongest financial strategy for the project, our co-investors and our organization.  Our team of professionals combines sound equity financing solutions with solid legal structuring.

Leveraging our global reach

We have invested in equity participations in projects with great success in many countries including Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Morocco, Portugal, Spain, the United Kingdom and the U.S.  We are also engaged in developing projects in Central Europe, Asia and the Americas. In cooperation with experienced international and local team, we have successfully developed more than 15 large-scale turnkey infrastructure projects. 

What sets us apart:

  • Extensive equity investment experience in the development and structuring of major international projects

  • Capacity to leverage Siemens extensive technical know-how and experience for the benefit of the project company

  • Ability to provide comfort to the financing market through our investment in project financings for “first-in-market” projects or projects using new Siemens technologies

  • Excellent access to the global capital markets

  • In-depth expert knowledge in the relevant industry sectors

  • International presence through Siemens’ global network

Profitable Investments

From start to finish and beyond

Siemens understands its primary role as project developer and committed equity investor, helping projects get off the ground and succeed during the development and construction phase, as well as during the first few years of operation.  After a few years of successful operations, we are open to divest our shares to existing or other interested investors.

Profitable enterprise

As an independent financial investor, we provide a strong, viable alternative to traditional public funding for large-scale infrastructure projects.

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