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Infrastructure Finance

Tailored financing to meet your needs

Financing plays an increasingly important role in facilitating infrastructure investments. At Siemens we understand the difficulties that city managers face when deciding on new investments, especially in times of empty public coffers. Ever changing legal requirements, fluctuating and often unpredictable public income and not least the wish to please the voting public all interfere with fiscal planning. Interestingly, many policy  makers are not fully aware of the various possibilities that exist for project financing.

Products & Solutions

We offer various financing options to enable investments in innovative technology and sustainable infrastructure through efficient financial solutions, among them asset finance & leasing, structured finance, banking business (loans) and project and equity participations (PPPs).

  • Equipment Finance & Leasing

  • Vendor Finance

  • Structured Finance

  • Project & Equity Participations

  • Leveraged Finance

  • Working Capital Finance

  • Financial Advisory

  • Venture Capital

  • Industrial Insurance Solutions

  • Asset Management

  • Guarantees & Letters of Credit

Siemens Financial Services, Inc. is not a registered Municipal Advisor, and does not offer municipal advisory services.  Customers should consult with their own legal, financial, and other advisors (including a registered Municipal Advisor) regarding the information contained herein.

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