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Hillsborough Township, NJ

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Financing for Hillsborough Township


The Township Committee sought to minimize the cost of energy improvements, reduce the township’s carbon footprint, and make Hillsborough a more sustainable community.


The township’s committee adopted the Siemens’ Energy Savings Improvement Plan and Investment Grade Audit that includes an energy cost savings guarantee from Siemens, and authorized the funding of the project by SFS.

The Energy Savings Plan includes the replacement of the municipal building’s roof and the inefficient HVAC system and the other facilityimprovement measures, for a total project cost of $2.1M.

The plan also includes the installation of a solar photo voltaic system at no installation cost to the Township.

Customer Benefits

Hillsborough Township will be saving a minimum of $1.2 million inenergy costs, while getting a new roof, 34 HVAC units, a central control system, lighting upgrades and solar derived power.

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