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Pueblo Radiology Medical Group

Commercial finance solution for Siemens CT scanner


Pueblo Radiology Medical Group needed to maintain a competitive advantage in its local market and offer its patients the most advanced diagnostic capabilities available. The Group decided to acquire the new SOMATOM Perspective CT scanner, one of the most advanced medical scanners on the market. In addition, Financial Services (SFS) stepped in to offer a competitive financing proposal to fund the acquisition.


Siemens Financial Services' financing package supported the acquisition of the new SOMATOM Perspective CT. This latest financing solution continues a long-standing relationship in which Siemens has provided over $9 million in equipment and construction financing to the Santa Barbara-based medical imaging specialist since 2001.

Benefits for Customer

In today’s complex healthcare climate, the ability to access a tailored financing solution from SFS has enabled Pueblo Radiology to improve clinical efficiency and accuracy without jeopardizing their operating expenses or balance sheets.

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