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Panda Power Funds - Hummel Power Project

Equity Financing for Panda Hummel Station


Panda sought an equity co-investor to help support its investment in the 1,124 MW Hummel Station power plant. Scheduled to become operational in early 2018, the natural gas-fueled facility will supply power for more than one million households in large power markets in the Mid-Atlantic region, including Philadelphia and New York City.


Siemens Financial Services (SFS) committed to fund a $125 million equity investment for the project.

Siemens will be supplying the power island for Panda Power Funds' 1,124 MW Hummel Station combined cycle power plant in Pennsylvania.

Customer Benefits

Siemens’ investment demonstrates a strong commitment to advancing projects that deliver cleaner, more environmentally-friendly energy. The new power station will supply 180 percent more power than the coal plant it will replace and emissions will be reduced by more than 90 percent. SFS’ equity stake underscores its commitment to supporting key Siemens customers to help them realize energy efficient projects in the U.S.

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