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Hobbs Power Funding - Supporting a preeminent energy-focused private equity firm’s activities


Siemens Financial Services was a $25 million participant in a senior secured loan facility for an ArcLight Group affiliate, Mackinaw Power Holdings, LLC.

SFS also funded a $42.5 million senior term loan for Hobbs Power Funding, which is sponsored by ArcLight Capital Partners.


SFS responded to Arclight’s financing needs by providing a superior liquidity option relative to other capital providers.

SFS proposed a structured holding company loan and was able to quickly complete its due diligence to underwrite the transaction.

Customer Benefits

Holding company debt is a type of financing that is not widely available in the market due to its complexity and structural subordination to the senior project debt, but SFS was able to leverage a broad suite of financial solutions in order to offer the customer a unique financing structure for this project.

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