Our Values

Siemens and Siemens Financial Services values and mission

Our Values

Siemens has a 160-year heritage built on our innovation and excellence, something that defines who we are at Siemens Financial Services. We are ethical, honest  and fair in our business dealings and accept accountability for our customers, each other, and ourselves.

We are:

  • Responsible – Commited to ethical and responsible actions

  • Excellent – achieving high performance and excellent results

  • Innovative – Being innovative to create sustainable value

Our Mission

Answering the challenges of our customers with best-in-class financial solutions delivered by a global team of trusted professionals.

Our Value Proposition

  • We create value for our customers by combining financial and industrial expertise.

  • Our solutions range from advisory to equity and debt financing enabling our customers to grow, and to improve their competitiveness.

  • Leveraging our global footprint we provide financial solutions for infrastructure, equipment, technology and working capital.

  • Our financial risk management solutions build on our expertise as both a provider and large purchaser of financial services.

  • We are a reliable and efficient partner – answering the challenges of industry.

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