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Meet the Invoice Finance team

Ian Cole

Ian Cole 

Head of Sales - UK

Tel.: 01753 434451


Ian has over 20 years experience in the invoice finance market, leading high performing sales teams across 3 of the top 5 banks. He has a genuine passion for making invoice finance readily available to the SME market and has a strong track record of providing working capital solutions to businesses. Prior to Siemens he worked for Santander, where he assisted in the start up of the invoice finance operation, working with companies requiring funding from £100k to £50m.

Andy Clarke

Andy  Clarke 

Head of Transactional Risk & Portfolio Management

Tel.: 01753 434452


Andy has spent over 25 years within the invoice finance and asset based lending market, in a number of senior roles which have included sales, credit and client relations. He has worked in both major bank providers and the independent sector so is fully aware of the benefits both can bring. Prior to joining Siemens, Andy was in similar roles at Aldermore Bank Invoice Finance and RBS Invoice Finance.

Colin Grimshaw

Colin Grimshaw 

Senior Relationship Manager

Tel.: 01753 434453


Colin has a career of nearly 30 years in commercial banking including the last 17 years where he has specialised in invoice/asset based finance. He has significant experience in all aspects of the invoice finance industry including risk, business development and client management where he has managed some of the largest and most complex clients in the industry including Invoice and Inventory funding scenarios.

Simon Penn

Simon Penn  

Head of Sales - London & South

Tel.: 01753 434454


Simon has over 15 years experience within the asset based lending industry across four leading banks. Working with companies in diverse sectors and with turnovers ranging from £1.5m to £3bn, he prides himself on his creative and adaptable approach and has found many unique funding solutions to support UK businesses.

John Kennedy

John Kennedy  

Head of Sales - London

Tel.: 01753 434457


John has significant experience in both commercial banking & asset based lending having previously spent 29 years with the RBS Group. Committed and focused on delivering bespoke, innovative funding solutions together with high quality customer service – he has been successfully working with and in the SME & Corporate Business Community for nearly 3 decades.

Chris Falby

Chris Falby 

Head of Sales - South East

Tel.: 01753 434459


Chris has spent 15 years working in the financial services industry across the South East of England. He has worked across sectors including invoice finance and corporate restructuring. Chris commenced his career in banking with Natwest and then IGF before moving onto advisory roles at Resolve Partners. During this time he has developed a strong understanding of businesses and their financial requirements and prides himself on strong customer relations.

Guy Webster

Guy Webster 

Head of Sales - South West & South Wales

Tel.: 01753 434455


Guy has 14 years experience in the invoice finance & asset based lending sector. He has a strong track record in transactions of MBO’s, MBI’s & acquisitions. Prior to that, he spent 19 years in banking largely on the commercial/corporate side. Guy has been involved in supporting businesses in the South West for the past 21 years.

Steve McKaeg

Steve McKeag  

Head of Sales - North West

Tel.: 01753 434456


Steve has been working in finance and financial services for over 25 years. From mainstream banking to invoice finance, he has worked in a variety of relationship management and business development roles in both SME and larger corporate sectors. Prior to joining Siemens, Steve worked as a Director of Business Development at Lloyds Commercial Finance.

Pulin Trivedi

Pulin Trivedi 

Head of Sales - North East

Tel.: 01753 434458


Pulin is an experienced asset based lending professional with 20 years invoice finance experience, having worked at senior levels in both UK & international banks and smaller independent specialists within this sector. His roles have included audit, survey, client management, risk, operations management, new business.