Voltage optimisation finance

Commercial sites in the UK can save between 5 and 15% in electricity consumption using voltage optimisation. Energy Efficiency Financing provides a range of flexible funding solutions for your Voltage Optimisation project. As one of the first dedicated low carbon finance schemes in the UK, we are committed to making environmentally-friendly investments affordable and accessible. Our unique approach to financing, combined with the expertise of the Carbon Trust in energy-efficient technologies, makes us a trusted provider of innovative finance solutions to any size UK business.

Benefits of financing with Siemens

  • Capital-efficient funding for latest technology

  • Extended lease term can provide ‘Cash Neutral’ funding

  • No deposit required to minimise upfront costs*

  • Cost effective alternative to bank funding

  • Energy savings validated by the Carbon Trust


* In a minority of cases a deposit may form a feature of the transaction,

but this is strictly on a case by case basis.

Voltage Optimisation Finance

Finance options

We provide a range of innovative, flexible and tailored financing solutions to meet your particular needs and circumstances, using one or more of these core financing models.

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