Energy Efficiency Financing

Investment in energy efficient equipment makes sound business and environmental sense, especially with the Energy Efficiency Financing scheme provided by the Carbon Trust and Siemens Financial Services.

Carbon Trust Implementation Services and Siemens Financial Services have combined forces, and together are offering financing options to all types of organisations, who have been trading for more than 36 months and are seeking to reduce their own energy use.  New, more efficient equipment should lower energy bills and with financing payments calculated so that they can be offset by anticipated energy savings, the financing option is designed to pay for itself.  The independent carbon saving assessment is undertaken by Carbon Trust Implementation Services while the financing is provided by Siemens Financial Services.

Financing can be arranged directly by the customer or through the scheme's recognised suppliers.


Energy efficiency made easy

Energy Efficiency Financing helps your customers save money, reduce energy waste and ultimately become greener.  There are a number of financing options available from Siemens Financial Services which can add significant value to your sales proposal and help you close more deals.  Energy Efficiency Financing makes good business sense for the scheme's recognised suppliers.

  • A unique way of improving your sales

  • More sales, faster payment

  • Differentiate with finance

  • Your trusted partners

  • Profit for you, profit for your customer

A unique way of improving your sales
Energy Efficiency Financing offers a unique combination of finance for your customers, along with the dependability of a Carbon Trust assessment.

More sales, faster payment!
With Energy Efficiency Financing barriers to a sale, especially affordability and reliable energy savings, are overcome.  And when financing is activated through our fast and efficient processes, payment goes direct into your bank account, improving cash flow!

Differentiate with finance
Leading vendors are using available and affordable Energy Efficiency Financing - where the energy savings at least equal the monthly payments - as a key competitive differentiator, making their proposals and quotes more compelling to the customer and winning more deals.

Your trusted partners
 Working with the trusted brands of Carbon Trust and Siemens gives your customers peace of mind that the solution you are selling will deliver the expected energy savings affordably, making them more confident to take up your proposition.

Profit for you, profit for your customer
Using an Energy Efficiency Financing offer as part of the overall proposition, means better matching of the equipment to the customer's needs and buget, meaning more sales and increased profits for you.  And for the customer, in some deals, the energy savings together with the Energy Efficiency Financing solution means they're cash positive right from the start.