Combined heat & power finance

Generating heat and electricity simultaneously from a single power station can save around 20% of energy costs and reduce a business’s carbon footprint by up to 30%. Energy Efficiency Financing provides a range of flexible funding solutions for your combined heat and power project. With our comprehensive and differentiated finance offerings, tailored to suit each individual business’s unique requirements and cashflow, we help organisations realise their green ambitions. Supported by the Energy Saving Assessment from the Carbon Trust, we are a trusted, leading specialist financier for green investments.

Benefits of financing with Siemens

  • Capital-efficient funding for latest technology

  • Extended lease term can provide ‘Cash Neutral’ funding

  • No deposit required to minimise upfront costs*

  • Cost effective alternative to bank funding

  • Energy savings validated by the Carbon Trust


* In a minority of cases a deposit may form a feature of the transaction,

but this is strictly on a case by case basis.

Combined Heat & Power Finance

Finance options

We provide a range of innovative, flexible and tailored financing solutions to meet your particular needs and circumstances, using one or more of these core financing models.

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