Bus & coach finance

Siemens offers flexible financing bringing financial expertise to the transportation sector.

We cooperate with bus and coach operators within the UK to provide bespoke financing solutions for vehicle acquisitions and fleet renewals. As part of the Siemens Group, a leading manufacturer of electric drive systems for buses, we can combine our financing expertise and thorough understanding of the transportation sector to help firms expand their businesses without having to draw on capital reserves. Through the provision of flexible, competitive financing packages, we can empower operators to maintain highly efficient services and grow in a financially sustainable way.

What we finance

  1. Single/Double deck standard diesel buses

  2. Hybrid vehicles

  3. Fully electric buses

  4. Touring coaches

  5. Fleet upgrades and renewals

  6. Used buses & coaches

Benefits of financing with Siemens

  • Access to latest models of buses and coaches without use of capital resources

  • Simplified budgeting and financial transparency with fixed payments

  • Regular technology updates could provide efficiency savings

  • Cost effective alternative to bank funding

  • Often no deposit required, which may help cash flow


Bus and Coach


Finance Options

We provide tailored financing solutions to meet your precise needs and circumstances, using one or more of these core financing models.


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