NHS finance

Siemens Financial Services provide direct funding to a number of NHS Trusts & Foundation Trusts who are happy to undertake their own benchmarking exercise. Our credit line availability, quick document turnaround & excellent understanding of the NHS market makes us the funder of choice.

We understand the NHS market and its accounting requirements so can provide the right type of lease solution. This could be an operating lease where the rentals come from revenue or a finance lease where the rentals come from capital.

Our in-depth knowledge of acute healthcare equipment, access to finance markets and our position as part of the Siemens Group combine to make us a dependable, long-term finance partner.

What we finance

  1. Diagnostic imaging equipment

  2. Endoscopy equipment

  3. Beds/mattresses

  4. Theatre equipment

  5. Oncology equipment

  6. Ambulances

Benefits of financing with Siemens

  • Specialist Healthcare Relationship Managers

  • Market leading position in NHS leasing market

  • Long history in the NHS leasing market

  • Leasing preserves capital budgets and cash

  • Pre-arranged credit lines for quick turnaround

NHS finance

Finance Options

We provide tailored financing solutions to meet your precise needs and circumstances, using one or more of these core financing models.

Comparsion of finance options *

Typical questions asked by customers

Finance Lease

Operating Lease

Will the asset be owned by us?

Will we preserve capital by financing this way?



Will the asset be considered off balance sheet?


Can we fix the term of the financing?



Can we buy the asset at the end of the term?

Will future value of asset dictate future rental?


* Information provided does not constitute an offer to supply finance. Terms & conditions apply.

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