Hospital finance

We work with NHS and Private Hospital operators across the UK to provide carefully tailored financing solutions. We finance the equipment and infrastructure needed to improve patient care, make treatment more widely available and maximise patient throughput. Our in-depth knowledge of the equipment, access to finance markets and our position as part of the Siemens Group combine to make us a dependable, long-term finance partner.

What we finance

  1. Diagnostic imaging equipment

  2. Endoscopy equipment

  3. Beds/mattresses

  4. Theatre equipment

  5. Oncology equipment

  6. Expansions, infrastructure projects, corporate loans

Benefits of financing with Siemens

  • Makes latest technology available without use of capital funds or cash reserves

  • Assists with budgeting by defining fixed payments

  • Provides ability to upgrade to new equipment on regular basis

  • Cost effective alternative to bank funding

  • Reduces upfront costs and improves cash flow by not requiring deposit


Finance Options

We provide tailored financing solutions to meet your precise needs and circumstances, using one or more of these core financing models.

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