We support the world’s energy efficiency objectives with finance that makes green technology affordable for both public and private sectors.

Equipment Finance for Energy

Customised financial solutions play a significant role in the implementation of efficient technologies within the energy sector. With our combined technical and financial expertise and our focus on innovative and tailored energy finance solutions we can help companies to benefit from the installation of equipment that is more productive, delivering energy savings as well as increased earnings.


Energy Efficiency Financing

energy efficiency financing

Are you looking for finance to help you with energy efficiency, please click on the link to visit our dedicated pages.



Project & Structured Finance for Energy

Siemens Financial Services provides a breadth of solutions and products from debt to junior capital and equity that are designed to service the energy and natural resources sectors in the UK. Aligned with the strategic focus on these industries by our parent company, we build strong relationships by providing reliable, consistent, and competitive delivery of customized energy finance solutions to solve our customers' challenges.