Geesink Norba

"Leasing is a powerful lever in our sales process" - David Thompson, General Manager

David Thompson, Geesink Norba

Geesink Norba Kuggen UK provides a one-stop solution for waste transportation and equipment needs, backed by flexible leasing packages from Siemens Financial Services. 
"Our customers know that as part of the Siemens Group, Siemens Financial Services is a reputable, world-class company and it helps that they know Siemens as a manufacturer, too. The kind of equipment we provide is not cheap. You can be looking at anything between £12,000 and £20,000 for a waste compactor. Companies that have not budgeted for this have three choices; they can wait, they can go without, or they can lease. Leasing has the advantage of allowing them to pay out of revenue, rather than plunder their capital reserves."