Vendor Finance

At Siemens Financial Services we are committed to helping equipment manufacturers and vendors (OEM's) improve sales opportunities and overcome competitive pressures by providing them with a distinct and tangible advantage. Vendor financing is central to our business and our aim is to enable vendors to add value to their customer proposition.

The provision of customised solutions to each of our distinct OEM vendor partners ensures that our they are differentiated from their competitors. Easy to use, effective and customised sales financing enables vendors to close more sales.

Our ability to build long term relationships with our customers is proven by our previous successes, financing experience and the strength of our brand.

Some reasons why you should connect with us if you are an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM):

a. Customized financial solutions for your customers, based on financial expertise and

    industry know-how

b. Quick turnaround times

c.  Financing made easier - through exceptional customer service and seamless processes

d. Best in class financing solutions customized to meet your requirements

To inquire about our vendor finance solutions for equipment manufacturers and vendors, send us an email on:

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