Equipment Finance

Through our broad experience  can find the right financial solution irrespective of asset, market or channel - from machine tools to injection molding machines - to the most specialized healthcare equipment. As an independent provider of equipment financing solutions, Siemens Financial Services specialises in providing customized  solutions to meet the needs of our customers.

Why Siemens Financial Services Private Limited?

Siemens Financial Services combines your investment with our financing solutions to make equipment more affordable and customized to meet your business needs. Payments can be structured to allow you to match your specific requirements and cashflows. As a result, the entire cost of your solution - hardware, software, installation and maintenance can be financed, helping you to spread the cost over the life of the investment.

Our excellent customer service and seamless processes set us apart in the industry – and make financing easier for you.

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Why lease equipment?

Leasing is more affordable than a cash purchase. If you lease your equipment rather than buy, existing credit lines such as arrangements with your banking partners, remain intact. This gives you the flexibility to invest capital in other areas of your business, whilst continuing to use the equipment you require.

Leasing also removes the risk of ownership associated with owning assets and facilitates positive cash flow - something that is vital to any business. Leasing an asset, means you can fix the cost today and make regular payments over a defined period of time . Flexible end-of term options include returning or buying the machine or upgrading/extending the lease, saving you from the hassle of linking cost to potential benefit and making a large up front payment which needs to be recovered over a number of years.

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