Printing, Packaging and Plastic Equipment Finance

We provide manufacturers in the printing, packaging and plastic industries with access to equipment finance – so you can stay updated with the latest technology and  leverage additional value from equipment by reducing upfront costs and improving cash flow cycles.

We make it easier for you to grow – whether you are upgrading your set-up, or ensuring that your business continues to run profitably and efficiently. Our equipment finance solutions are customized to meet your specific requirements.

Siemens Financial Services is committed to providing you with customized financial solutions for machines like:

  • Pre - Press Printing : Computer to plate (CTP), Computer to conventional plates (CTCP)

  • Press Printing : Digital, Wide format printing machine, Label Printing Machine, Rotogravure Printing Machine, Flat Bed, Web offset  printers, Sheet fed offset printers

  • Post - Press Printing : Die cutting machine, Engraving, Lamination machine, Binding  machine, Folder Gluer Machines, Folding Carton Machines, Folding machine (book/paper), Paper cutting machines

  • Bulk, rigid and flexible Packaging machine

  • Injection and Extrusion Plastic Moulding Machine

We are the preferred financial partner to numerous players in the printing, packaging and plastics industry.

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