On behalf of Siemens, we act as a center of expertise for all aspects of risk management, Group financing and payment transactions. Our global treasury know-how and the treasury management-system finavigate® have been developed on the basis of an in-house-banking philosophy.

We concentrate Group-wide liquidity on a daily basis ,optimize financial risks and manage the treasury-related processes and activities of Siemens. These include:

  • Bank relationship management: Coordination and optimization of the presence of bank partners in the financial markets, selection and maintenance of access to a diversified range of banks and lenders in order to limit the increasing counterpart risk from bank exposure

  • A management overview of all bank accounts and corresponding transactions and the electronic transfer of bank statements

  • Fully automated processing of global internal and external payment transactions

  • Centralized management of interest-rate, currency, liquidity and credit risk, as well as security prices and certain commodity price risks

  • Accounting for all financial processes, including fully automated posting of all transactions

  • Management of short-term liquidity to ensure the ability to pay all liabilities using cash pooling and longer-term liquidity management

In carrying out these activities, Treasury takes management responsibility for most of the group’s liquid assets and financial liabilities and such assets’ and liabilities’ contribution toward the Siemens Group’s earnings, value and risk profile.

We manage and monitor all Group activities on capital markets, including bond issues and negotiations of credit lines.

Furthermore, we advise and educate all operative Siemens units regarding all topics related to interest-rate, currency, cash and credit-risk management. Additionally, we support the Siemens units on all financial issues during the M&A process.

In the Siemens Credit Warehouse, we bundle Siemens shortterm trade receivables and actively manage the Group’s credit risks by selling or hedging exposure to specific customers. These receivables may provide Siemens with an additional source of liquidity, thereby strengthening Siemens’ funding flexibility. Our Credit Database provides operating units with online access to up-to-date credit ratings and valuable credit reports.

Siemens Treasury offers a Supply Chain Finance program to wholly owned subsidiaries of Siemens in North America and Europe to optimize the capital efficiency of both Siemens and Siemens suppliers. With the help of Supply Chain Finance, the Siemens Divisions can increase their liquidity without reducing the supplier's liquidity.

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