Debt Financing

Our structured financing solutions combine in-depth industry know-how and financial expertise. We focus on providing tailored financing solutions for the energy, healthcare, industry and infrastructure markets – covering both the public and private sectors.

Understanding the drivers for investment decisions, we build strong relationships by providing reliable, consistent and competitive customized financial solutions to solve our customers’ problems.

The spectrum of our solutions ranges from senior secured corporate loans to mezzanine debt and from structured investment financing (e.g., leases and loans) to public private partnership and project financing. In addition, our portfolio includes acquisition and growth financing, typically as syndicated loans.

Offered worldwide, our structured finance solutions are tailored to the individual needs of our customers in both the public and private sectors and help customers enhance their competitiveness and exploit growth opportunities.

What sets us apart:

  • Our ability to structure, underwrite and hold positions

  • A wide range of loan and leasing solutions

  • Our capability to structure long maturity transactions

  • Access to leading financial institutions as a syndication partner

  • Our staff of highly capable professionals who have significant industry experience

  • Flexibility to lead, arrange or participate depending on customer needs

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