Equipment Finance & Leasing

We offer a comprehensive range of equipment finance and leasing solutions to organizations of all sizes requiring financing for equipment from Siemens or third-party providers. Our customers range from large and medium-sized companies, international corporations, municipalities and public-sector entities to small, privately owned businesses.

Our innovative portfolio of products and services comprises various financing options such as finance lease, operating lease, hire purchase, rental, loans and software financing as well as managed services. We also offer our customers flexible, usage-based financing for their equipment investments, such as pay-per-use programs. Our services cover the management of financed assets as well as end-of-term issues, including logistics, equipment servicing and remarketing.

Our specialized asset-financing knowledge covers a wide range of areas, including the healthcare, industrial (e.g., construction, mining, manufacturing, food and beverage), transportation, agriculture, environmental, energy and office-equipment sectors as well as software, information and communication technology.

As the financing partner for the operative Siemens units, we leverage our many years of experience and technology know-how to create integrated financial solutions that complement the Siemens portfolio.

What sets us apart:

  • Easier financing – through exceptional customer service and seamless processes

  • Customized solutions that build on a combination of financial expertise and industry know-how

  • Unique financing solutions for each market, tailored to meet each customer’s individual needs

  • Smooth implementation of complex international transactions through the global Siemens network

  • Expertise in country-specific tax and legal systems

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