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How healthcare CFOs around the world are managing change

New research reveals that global healthcare organizations are using smart finance to transform their delivery of healthcare services. Over half of healthcare CFOs surveyed are already using a range of financing techniques, among which asset finance is the most popular.

Healthcare finance managers in 13 countries around the world are reporting a need to invest in new-generation technology in order to meet these four key pressures:

  • demographic change

  • shifting patient expectations

  • requirement to reform

  • the rising tide of healthcare technology trends and digitalization

“Leasing is easier and quicker to arrange than a bank loan."

France, Public Hospital

Smart finance – such as leasing and renting-based packages – are seen as particularly important to healthcare organizations’ ability to manage change. Flexible financing techniques are becoming an increasingly important part of the healthcare CFO’s financial toolkit, as healthcare organizations face global pressure to change despite the constraint of financial resources.

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