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Driving digitalization and automation

How can global manufacturers diversify financing techniques to fund digitalized technology?

A new research examining how global manufacturers are using innovative finance to seize market opportunities through digitalization and automation.

Manufacturing finance managers in 13 countries across the world are reporting a need to invest in new-generation technology in order to meet these four key sector challenges:

  • to increase production capacity and flexibility to meet changing demand and drive sales,

  • to improve client service quality while reducing production costs,

  • to improve competitive positioning through improved product quality and broader product range,

  • to optimize efficiency, cost control and manufacturing agility through automation and digitalization.

“Asset finance helped us acquire new technology and increase sales by 15 to 20%.”

India, printing

Over one third of respondents expect to further diversify their financing techniques and sources in the next two years. Asset finance is seen as a key investment facilitator because of its ability to accommodate the total cost of ownership approach to key technology.
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