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“Turn down the power”

SFS study into current levels of energy inefficiency in industry

The escalating trend of energy prices has made energy efficiency an urgent imperative for industrial companies around the world. Through the use of energy-efficiency initiatives major efficiency cost savings can be achieved in many industrial areas. A new report from Siemens’ Financial Services unit (SFS) shows rising energy costs for industrial companies in ten countries and analyzes possible energy saving measures in the sector. Hence, the full implementation of variable speed drives (VSD) offers enormous cost saving potential.

The uncertain economic situation in Europe and the restricted access to traditional finance have prompted many companies to defer their investment intentions.

However, companies can easily overcome this financial barrier by using alternative methods to fund energy-efficient equipment upgrades. Asset financing techniques such as leasing and renting allow predictable payments during the contract period that can be adapted for specific projects. Furthermore they aim to offset the monthly cost of the new equipment against the energy savings it delivers across the financing term, effectively making the investment zero net cost or even cash positive.

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