Our Business

We enable Siemens to offer one-stop solutions comprising technology and financing from a single source – focusing particularly on the industry, energy, healthcare and infrastructure markets.

Strategy and outlook

The success of Financial Services is built on a unique combination of risk competence, technological expertise and reliable financial resources.

Financial Services is becoming more and more important as a differentiator for Siemens. In addition to the technical feasibility of solutions, customers are placing an increasingly strong focus on financial support for their investments. We help Siemens to tap into new business opportunities, support the acquisition of new customers and strengthen existing business relationships with financial decision-makers. Building on the strength of our balance sheet, we provide financial solutions for Siemens’ projects and products, open the way for new business ideas such as pay-per-use financing models and public private partnerships, and signal confidence to the markets through long-term risk participation. In collaboration with Siemens units and customers, we make visionary technology a reality.

Third-party customers benefit from our experience and sound risk assessment in Siemens’ markets: To expand our portfolio and to optimally position our products and services in the market, we serve customers outside the Company as well.

Additionally, we provide expert financial risk management to Siemens. In one aspect of this work, for example, we team up with the Siemens Divisions and external partners to analyze insurable risks and optimally transfer them to the market. Or we find reliable financing partners to participate in largescale project financing.

To achieve our goals and sustainably provide the best-possible support to Siemens, we focus on controlled, profitable growth.

Financial Services’ business performance

Business performance

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